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Dr Richard Turner honoured with teaching award

Dr Richard Turner honoured with teaching award

Dr Richard Turner, left, presented with the award by Rob Richardson, Cambridge University Student Union Education Officer

Congratulations to Dr Richard Turner, University Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning at the Department of Engineering, who was presented with a Cambridge University Students’ Union Student-Led Teaching Award. 

Perhaps most important, more so than his lecturing style, is his passion for engineering and teaching.

Nomination statement for Dr Richard Turner

Cambridge students were invited to nominate the lecturers, supervisors and pastoral or support staff who have inspired passion and enhanced their educations at the University. The 265 nominations ranged from lecturers, supervisors, tutors, chaplains and custodians. Students provided testimonials to illustrate why their nominee deserved to win an award.

Richard, who works as a lecturer in the Computational and Biological Learning Lab, won in the Lecturer category for his classes on software engineering, computer vision, machine learning and neuroscience. His research focuses on the intersection of computer perception, neuroscience and machine learning, with an aim to develop systems that solve problems using the brain as inspiration. In conducting this research, he collaborates closely with experimental neuroscience groups and industrial partners such as Google. Some applications of his work include medical achievements such as intelligent hearing aids and cochlear implants for the deaf.

Before taking the lecturing position, Richard held a postdoctoral research fellowship with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. He earned his PhD in computational neuroscience and machine learning from University College London, and he holds a master of science in natural sciences with a specialty in physics from the University of Cambridge.

The nomination for Richard stated that he is “a brilliant lecturer … able to explain complex ideas in very clear language that students are able to relate to … Perhaps most important, more so than his lecturing style, is his passion for engineering and teaching. Listening to his lectures makes you feel as you yourself are on a voyage of discovery through the field.”

“I am absolutely delighted to have received a CUSU teaching award,” Richard said. “It means a great deal to be nominated by the students taking my lectures.”

The Department of Engineering would like to congratulate Dr Richard Turner on his achievement and all of the winners of this year’s teaching awards. A complete list can be found on the right side of this page.

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