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Fellowship awarded for electron devices research

Fellowship awarded for electron devices research

Dr Chen Jiang has been awarded a PhD Student Fellowship from the IEEE Electron Devices Society.

The prestigious award for PhD students in the field of electronic devices, recognises those who demonstrate significant ability to perform independent research and who have a proven history of academic excellence. 

Dr Jiang, formerly from the Electrical Engineering Division of the Department of Engineering, carried out PhD research on ultralow-power, low-cost organic electronics for wearables, under the supervision of Professor Arokia Nathan, the former Chair of Photonic Systems and Displays in the Department of Engineering, and Dr David Hasko. His research led to a breakthrough, resulting in a fully-printed high performance transistor with flexibility for use in wearable and implantable electronics. The results were published in the journal Science, with Dr Jiang as the first author.

“This research opens up new opportunities for printed flexible electronics in wearables for real-time sensing human electrophysiology,” said Dr Jiang. “Wearable electronics rely on batteries and warrant low cost and flexible electronic devices, so minimising power consumption and fabrication costs are important.”

Three Fellowships are awarded each year in the geographical regions of Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific. Dr Jiang’s Fellowship, awarded to him in 2018, included a prize of $5000 and travel and accommodation funds to attend the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting for an award plaque presentation.

“It is the first time that a student from the Department of Engineering and indeed, the University of Cambridge, has been awarded the Fellowship,” added Dr Jiang. “This award is very competitive in the electrical engineering field.”

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