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Five star research

Five star research

The results of the Government's 2001 Research Assessment Exercise have just been announced and the Department has been awarded the top grade of 5*, repeating the result achieved in 1996.

Professor David Newland

Professor David Newland, Head of Department comments:

"This means that the assessors judge that more than half of our research is of the best world class and all of it is excellent. The Department was assessed as a whole and I would like to thank everyone for contributing in so many different ways to this splendid result. Details of our (and the other) submissions are on the RAE web site.

It is nice to finish the year with the news of our excellent result in the RAE. But when we look back on 2001, it is dominated by the shocking events of 11th September and the war that has followed. May we strive to apply our research and the technology we teach to the benefit of all humanity. The RAE talks about research 'outputs', but our students are our most important outputs. It is good to recognise the increasing number of new research students, many from overseas. Our policy is to encourage more graduate students, both from home and abroad, to study here. I hope that they will all look back on their time here with affection and satisfaction."

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