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Nanoscience lecture

Nanoscience lecture

Dr Frank Caruso from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids & Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany, will deliver the Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Rennie Lecture at the Department of Engineering on Monday 30th September, at 2.00pm.

The lecture is entitled: "from Nanoengineered Colloid Particles to Nanostructured Ultrathin Films."

Over the years nanostructured materials have been processed through a variety of techniques, including self-assembly. The vast majority of investigations have focused on the construction of thin organized films on planar interfaces, while considerably less attention has been paid to the controlled fabrication of structured and composite layers on colloidal particles. This presentation will deal with a recently developed process for the surface engineering of colloid particles.

The creation of multilayered functional thin films and ordered colloidal assemblies from core-shell and hollow colloids will be described, along with the unique properties offered by these films in biocatalysis and optical applications. The preparation of nanostructured colloids with tailored properties, and the subsequent creation of ordered colloid-based structures from these materials provide new opportunities for the technological application of colloids in areas such as coatings, catalysis, sensing, separations, drug delivery, electronics and photonics.

For further information, please email Binder Kaur or Telephone: 01223 765237

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