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Latest news

The 'P' word

19 Feb 2020

It's time for blue-sky thinking plus practical measures in the battle to reduce plastic waste.

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It’s time to get angry about inefficiency and waste in manufacturing

17 Feb 2020

An interview with Professor Steve Evans, Director of Research at the Centre for Industrial Sustainability, part of Cambridge University's Institute for Manufacturing.

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Ewan Kirk centre with engineering students

The Kirk Global Challenge to fund undergraduate teams to develop inventive technology

13 Feb 2020

The Department of Engineering has joined forces with alumnus Ewan Kirk to launch the Kirk Global Challenge to help jumpstart economic growth in the developing world.

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Dr Jenni Sidey-Gibbons on her inspirational journey to becoming an astronaut

12 Feb 2020

Cambridge lecturer Dr Jenni Sidey-Gibbons returned to the Department of Engineering recently to host a special talk on her journey to becoming an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency.

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Study into the dynamics of free-falling paper shapes could aid the design of bio-inspired robotics

10 Feb 2020

Research into the trajectories of hundreds of free-falling paper shapes can help inform the design of bio-inspired robotics that mimic nature.

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How a Blue Tap approach could increase access to clean drinking water

04 Feb 2020

When PhD student Francesca O’Hanlon founded social enterprise Blue Tap, her goal was to find a more reliable way to chlorinate household water supplies in developing countries. 

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Prince of Wales launches new UK centre for low-carbon aviation 

31 Jan 2020

The Prince of Wales launched the National Centre for Propulsion and Power during a visit to the University of Cambridge earlier this week (28 January).

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Online hate speech could be contained like a computer virus, say researchers

30 Jan 2020

Artificial intelligence is being developed that will allow advisory 'quarantining' of hate speech in a manner akin to malware filters.

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Autonomous robot challenge sparks children’s interest in technology

27 Jan 2020

The Department of Engineering hosted a series of robotic-themed challenges as part of a science and technology competition, which attracted more than 200 school children.

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Elliot’s journey from mechanical engineering apprentice to Chief Technician at the Whittle Laboratory

23 Jan 2020

Elliot Reed is one of the Chief Technicians at the Department’s Whittle Laboratory – a world-leading research centre for turbomachinery aerodynamics. 

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