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Latest news

Gates Cambridge class of 2021 – Emma Houiellebecq

06 May 2021

Emma Houiellebecq is the recipient of not one – but two – Gates Cambridge Scholarships. As she prepares for a PhD in Engineering this October, we chatted with Emma to find out more about her.

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New inkjet printing method could accelerate drug discovery and printed personalised drug delivery

04 May 2021

Our engineers have demonstrated – for the first time – the digital inkjet printing and self-organisation of microdroplets on fluid surfaces to create structures of functional materials. 

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Department spin-out company PervasID wins a Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2021

29 Apr 2021

PervasID develop battery-free Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) reader systems for automating inventory and asset tracking.

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Funding secured for disruptive technologies to boost understanding of brain health and disorders

26 Apr 2021

Cambridge researchers have won investment from the European Commission to gain a more complete understanding of brain health and disorders – and train the next generation of brain scientists.

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“Hey Cyba: The Inner Workings of a Virtual Personal Assistant” a new book by Steve Young

21 Apr 2021

"Hey Cyba" explains the neural network technology underlying speech recognition and synthesis, natural language understanding, knowledge representation and conversation management.

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Opinion: Online translators are sexist – here’s how we gave them a little gender sensitivity training

19 Apr 2021

In this article from The Conversation, co-author and Information Engineering PhD student Danielle Saunders discusses ways of tackling gender bias in AI algorithms.

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Funding awarded for research into next-generation batteries to power up electric vehicles

12 Apr 2021

Our engineers will develop next-gen lithium-ion batteries with improved performance as part of a collaborative project to scale up production ahead of a predicted electric vehicle boom. 

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Shreya Singhal

Biomedical Engineering Award for the study of cochlear implants

07 Apr 2021

Shreya Singhal has won the IMechE Vicon Best Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Award for her project developing a platform for the study of cochlear implants.

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Alumnus Fotis Fotiadis, CEO and Co-Founder of Better Origin

Alumni profile: Fotis Fotiadis CEO and Co-Founder of Better Origin

01 Apr 2021

Alumnus Fotis Fotiadis is CEO and Co-Founder of Better Origin, a company pioneering the transformation of organic waste into high quality functional animal feed.

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Women in Engineering: an interview with PhD student Jana Skirnewskaja

29 Mar 2021

A curious mind, an interest in technology and a hunger for opportunity were what it took for Jana Skirnewskaja to begin her journey in engineering. 

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