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Latest news

Tracking airborne nanoparticles to inform research on the spread of harmful emissions

21 Jan 2022

Researchers behind a device designed to detect airborne nanoparticles that have known health and environmental effects – such as viruses and pollutants – have won funding for its development.

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Powerful post-its

17 Jan 2022

How Cambridge adapted roadmapping to help organisations make smarter strategic decisions.

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The Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) programme

13 Jan 2022

Dr Jonathan Cullen from the Department's Resource Efficiency Collective and Lara Allen from the Centre for Global Equality are part of the Climate Compatible Growth programme

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How targeted drug delivery technologies can help in the fight against cancer

11 Jan 2022

Our engineers are working collaboratively on the development of targeted drug delivery technologies for 3 hard-to-treat cancers – mesothelioma, pancreatic cancer & glioblastoma.

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Science fiction sets the bar high – but we’re getting there

05 Jan 2022

Professor Daping Chu is Nanjing Chair of Technology and Innovation in the Department of Engineering.

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Alumni stories: Meet Farah Alibay – the eyes and ears of robots on Mars

20 Dec 2021

Alumna Farah Alibay grew up enjoying outer space films. What captured her interest then – the exploration of other worlds – has since become the focus of her job at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

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New model improves accuracy of machine learning in COVID-19 diagnosis while preserving privacy

16 Dec 2021

Researchers in the UK and China have developed an AI model that can diagnose COVID-19 as well as a panel of professional radiologists, while preserving the privacy of patient data. 

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Do you use predictive text? Chances are it’s not saving you time – and could even be slowing you down

15 Dec 2021

In this article from The Conversation, Per Ola Kristensson, Professor in Interactive Systems Engineering, discusses various studies looking at mobile typing data and predictive text.

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Cambridge Enterprise invests in a technology start-up aiming to cut CO₂ emissions by gigatonnes

13 Dec 2021

The investment will accelerate the development of AI technology start-up Carbon Re to help the global cement industry and other energy-intensive industries reach net zero targets.

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Entrepreneurial postdocs win investment for innovative commercial ventures

08 Dec 2021

Research associates Dr Alex Justin and Dr Christopher Cleaver have won investment for their business plans in The Chris Abell Postdoc Business Plan Competition 2021.

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