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Latest news

Southern exposure – building in Brazil

21 Aug 2015

In this piece adapted from The Cambridge Engineer, Jonny Waller (MEng) writes about his experiences over the course of a summer in Brazil working with the EcoHouse Society.

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Health costs of ageing will shoot up without technological innovation

18 Aug 2015

A new report co-authored by Department researchers urges government and designers to work together to break down the barriers to innovation in order to adapt to an ageing population.

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Collaboration to further geomechanical learning

14 Aug 2015

The University of Cambridge is embarking on a collaborative programme to increase understanding of petroleum geomechanics and well monitoring systems.

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On the origin of (robot) species

12 Aug 2015

Researchers have observed the process of evolution by natural selection at work in robots without relying on computer simulation or human intervention.

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Blindingly fast computers within reach

11 Aug 2015

Alumni of the Department of Engineering have gone on to found Optalysys, a company with the goal of making computer processors that use light instead of electricity.

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Artificial whiskers could inspire future instruments to aid keyhole surgery

07 Aug 2015

Dr Michelle Oyen examines how researchers are designing bio-inspired artificial whiskers – and what this means for the advancement of medicine. 

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 Alma Wier, Ripon

The social value of flood alleviation

06 Aug 2015

Climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and severity of flooding in coming years.

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Impact Studies: A suspension revolution in Formula I Motorsport

04 Aug 2015

An academic equipped with just a pencil and paper invented a new suspension component which involved code names, Formula 1 victories and claims of industrial espionage.

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Designing a better clinical trial

31 Jul 2015

A new study recommends an approach to clinical trials that includes tracking the influence of patients' behaviours on a treatment’s benefits. 

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Sounds of excellence

28 Jul 2015

Department of Engineering PhD student Thang Bui has been awarded one of 15 prestigious Google European Doctoral Fellowships for his research into speech technology.

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