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Latest news

Entrepreneurial postdocs win investment for innovative commercial ventures

08 Dec 2021

Research associates Dr Alex Justin and Dr Christopher Cleaver have won investment for their business plans in The Chris Abell Postdoc Business Plan Competition 2021.

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Interactive tool helps you decide how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

06 Dec 2021

Is it risky to sing in a choir? How much difference does it make to open windows or clean surfaces? A new interactive tool helps people make decisions on COVID-19.

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Tennis match

For the brain, context is key to new theory of movement and memory

29 Nov 2021

Mathematical model could help in physical therapy and shed light on learning more generally. 

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Two-metre COVID-19 rule is ‘arbitrary measurement’ of safety

25 Nov 2021

Study shows that airborne transmission of COVID-19 is highly random and suggests that the 2 metre rule was a number chosen from a risk ‘continuum’ rather than a concrete measurement of safety

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Optoelectronics research supported by COVID-19 impact fund

24 Nov 2021

PhD student Jana Skirnewskaja has been awarded a ‘Return to Research’ grant in support of her optical experiments, after her research was hit by delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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a modular “pin-bed” solution that uses an array of computer-controlled pistons (actuators) that move vertically to support and d

New concrete mould system uses the right amount of concrete and no more

22 Nov 2021

Concrete is the world’s most widely consumed material after water, and its production contributes to more than 7% of global CO2 emissions. 

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Joshua Nevin

Joshua Nevin accepted into the Turing Enrichment Scheme at the Alan Turing Institute

17 Nov 2021

PhD student Joshua Nevin has been accepted into the Turing Enrichment Scheme for 2021 at the Alan Turing Institute.

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3D printing and machine learning unite in new research to improve cochlear implants for users

12 Nov 2021

A cross-disciplinary research team have been able to analyse the electric field imaging data of cochlear implant patients, thanks to 3D printed cochleae with tuneable electro-anatomy.

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Business model innovation is key to beating COVID-19 debt

10 Nov 2021

New business models are essential to unlocking the economic growth potential of digital technologies, and offer a way out of rising debt-to-GDP ratios.

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Gates Cambridge class of 2021 – Yassir Fathullah

08 Nov 2021

Yassir Fathullah, recipient of a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, began his PhD this term. Here he discusses his research into improving the efficiency of deep neural networks.

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