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Latest news

Yi Chen Hock drawing in the Virtual Reality drawing application she developed using hand gesture recognition with an OptiTracked

Art and engineering

31 May 2023

4th year engineering student Yi Chen Hock shares her journey developing her creative and technical skills and offers insights that might help others who are interested in art and engineering.

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Product Disassembly teaching extension activity

Disassembly of failed appliances to understand how they are made

24 May 2023

A new teaching extension activity for 3rd year students called Product Disassembly was launched last term.

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Alumni stories: Meet Hannah Schmitz – the F1 race strategist with nerves of steel

22 May 2023

In Formula One, every millisecond counts. Just ask alumna Hannah Schmitz, Oracle Red Bull Racing's Principal Strategy Engineer, who, on race days, has to instantly react to live scenarios.

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It’s all in the wrist: energy-efficient robot hand learns how not to drop the ball

17 May 2023

Researchers have designed an energy-efficient robot hand that can grasp a range of objects –& not drop them– using just the movement of its wrist & the feeling in its ‘skin’

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PhD student awarded National Fellowship in Fluid Dynamics

15 May 2023

PhD student Alexandros Kontogiannis has been awarded a National Fellowship in Fluid Dynamics to extend the capabilities of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners.

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Cambridge AI expert delivers Future of Compute Review to the UK government

11 May 2023

Zoubin Ghahramani, Professor of Information Engineering, has completed a review into the UK’s advanced computing capabilities, and presented his findings and recommendations to the government

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The King breaks ground on Cambridge’s New Whittle Laboratory

10 May 2023

His Majesty The King visited the University of Cambridge yesterday, in his first public engagement following the Coronation.

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Tim Minshall, Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation & Head of the Institute for Manufacturing

Changing how we talk — and think — about manufacturing

04 May 2023

The ability to make things is the bedrock of strong economies and societies. However, in the UK, manufacturing is too often seen as ‘something we don’t really do much of anymore’.

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Image by Mohamed Hassan

X-57: Nasa’s electric plane is preparing to fly – here’s how it advances emissions–free aviation

03 May 2023

The experimental airplane X-57, developed by Nasa, is due to fly for the first time this year. Hugh Hunt discusses the plane powered entirely by electricity.

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Introducing Opto – the start-up pushing new frontiers in medicine

28 Apr 2023

Bioelectronics start-up Opto, co-founded and led by former Engineering PhD students Ben Woodington and Elise Jenkins, has publically launched with £1.85 million in pre-seed funding.

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