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Dr André Cabrera Serrenho


André Cabrera Serrenho

University Lecturer in Engineering, Environment and Sustainable Development

Academic Division: Civil Engineering

Research group: Structures

Telephone: +44 1223 7 60561



Research interests

Resource efficiency, climate change mitigation, dynamic systems analysis, environmental assessment.

Research projects

UK FIRES, EPSRC Programme Grant to locate resource efficiency at the heart of future industrial strategy.

C-THRU, a VKRF grant to deliver foresight on the opportunities for intervention in the petrochemical sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Teaching activity

ESD200 Sustainability Methods and Metrics

Other positions

Fellow and Director of Studies in Engineering (Part IA) in Clare College


Dr André Cabrera Serrenho is exploring new ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a faster pace to meet international climate pledges. This involves identifying new configurations of energy and material systems to supply our future needs with less demand and emissions. André has been working on the identification of opportunities for energy and material demand reduction in industrial systems. He developed dynamic material flow analyses to assess the stocks of cars and buildings in the UK, testing the impact of alternative interventions to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.