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Miss Wei Bi BEng, MIM, MPhil


Wei Bi

Research Student

Academic Division: Civil Engineering

Research group: Construction Engineering


Research interests

Wei has a particular research interest in building resilience in critical infrastructure under climate change. Her main goal is to bring resilience modelling, stress testing, and data science towards practical engineering decisions in climate change adaptation and ultimately enable the transition towards resilient and sustainable critical infrastructure systems in the face of wider uncertainties. 

Wei’s PhD research focuses on using complex network modelling to quantitatively assess and optimise the flood resilience of urban rail transit systems (URTSs) under a range of flood scenarios. The assessment helps diagnose problems and the optimisation helps inform decision-making on prioritising resources.



Strategic themes

Energy, transport and urban infrastructure

Flood resilience of urban rail transit systems

Complex, resilient and intelligent systems

Infrastructure resilience under climate change

Department role and responsibilities