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Alumni Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering

Alumni Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering


This year we would like to extend our successful student and staff photography competition to all alumni of the Department of Engineering.

We are searching for images and videos of engineers out in the field (whatever that field may be), which may be beautiful, fascinating, intriguing, amusing, or possibly all of these things.

The winning photographs will feature on the Department and University websites, newsletter, electronic screens, posters and more.

Previous years' winners from our annual staff and student photography competition have received national and international press coverage for their photographs and videos.

A very high proportion of the entries will be used in the Department's Flickr gallery and throughout the Department website giving acknowledgements wherever they are used.

The following prizes could be won:

A bottle of wine, the vintage of which will be the year you matriculated or

A year's supply of Chelsea buns from Fitzbillies (UK addresses only - sorry!)

The panel of judges include Roberto Cipolla, Professor of Information Engineering, Dr Allan McRobie, Professor Dame Ann Dowling - Head of Department, and Philip Guildford - Director of Research.

The rules are as follows:

1. Photographs must be submitted by email to, video can be sent using a free large file transfer service such as Dropbox, or sent on a CD to Jacqueline Saggers and Ann Lynn, Room BE0-23, Baker Building, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1PZ by 14th June 2014.

2. The entrant must include the following statement in the text of the email:

"I have any relevant permission* to enter the attached photograph(s)/video in the competition and give the Department of Engineering the right to publish the photograph(s)/video on its website, Flickr gallery (where they can be shared via Creative Commons) and elsewhere."

*Entrants must have obtained prior permission from any people and objects that require permission to be featured within the photographs before entering into the competition.It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure they are compliant with ownership and copyright laws.

3. Entrants must also provide:

  • photo/video title
  • description of the photograph/video, noting whether the photograph is a composite of several images or has been enhanced in any way
  • any due acknowledgements
  • full name, address, email address and telephone number. Contact details will only be used for the purpose of sending information to the entrants during the competition and contacting the winners once they have been chosen.

The following guidelines should be followed:
a. Ideally the photograph should be of good print quality, but if it is available only as a web quality image then please still enter
b. Make no assumptions about the photograph we are seeking, because the winning photograph could be of a: microscopic feature, laboratory, project team, computer simulation, production line, robot, engineers out in the field etc.
c. There is no limit to the number of photographs that you may enter. If you are not certain whether your photograph will win or you are trying to choose between several possible entries, then please just enter them all and let the judges decide.
d. It is better to send one photo attachment per email as the message size limit for the University email service is 35MB.


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