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Latest news

Cambridge researchers help develop smart, 3D printed concrete wall for National Highways project

13 Jul 2023

Cambridge researchers, working in partnership with industry, have helped develop the first 3D printed piece of concrete infrastructure to be used on a National Highways project. 

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The SARAID team in Turkey

Engineering for emergency response: Turkey and Syria earthquakes

10 Jul 2023

Alumna Sakthy Selvakumaran, is a civil engineer who volunteers for the charity Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters.

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Robot ‘chef’ learns to recreate recipes from watching food videos

05 Jul 2023

Researchers have trained a robotic ‘chef’ to watch and learn from cooking videos, and recreate the dish itself.

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Join our Open Days on 6-7 July 2023

03 Jul 2023

We will host Open Days on 6-7 July 2023 aimed at prospective applicants in Year 12 (or equivalent) and mature applicants (aged 21 or over), together with their parents/guardians or supporters

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Institute for Manufacturing Design Show 2023

29 Jun 2023

In the past year, third-year Manufacturing Engineering Tripos students have undertaken a significant design project aimed at creating a new product that holds tangible business potential.

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Meet James Cozens – the Guinness World Record-holding juggling engineer

27 Jun 2023

PhD student James Cozens took up juggling 7 years ago & has become a Guinness World Record holder. He's also developed computer software to analyse & improve juggling skills

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The My Emissions carbon label rates a product or meal from A (Very Low) to E (Very High), based on the ‘per kg’ carbon footprint

Award winning business calculating the carbon footprint of food

26 Jun 2023

What started as a lockdown project by two alumni has grown into an award-winning business which has since expanded far more than either of them could have expected.

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Postgrad research will investigate technique to help beat astronomy’s nemesis: the Earth’s atmosphere

23 Jun 2023

Oana Niculescu’s PhD research is aiming to improve upon solutions to an age-old problem faced by astronomers: how to correct telescope images distorted by the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Alumnus and entrepreneur Tobias Kahnert honoured in Forbes 30 Under 30 list

19 Jun 2023

Alumnus Tobias Kahnert has joined the 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list. He is helping to change the path of sustainable aviation.

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Project Odysseus: How computer vision and machine learning helped London recover during the pandemic

15 Jun 2023

A monitoring tool, developed and deployed in London during the COVID-19 pandemic, has demonstrated how computer vision and machine learning techniques may benefit public health.

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