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Latest news

Opinion: Why people in some parts of England pay far more than others to heat their homes

21 Feb 2022

In this article from The Conversation, co-authors Dr André Neto-Bradley and Professor Ruchi Choudhary discuss ways of improving the energy efficiency of England's homes.

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Cells from cervical cancer

€3.2 million grant to develop cancer imaging technologies

17 Feb 2022

The project 'CHARM' — Chemometric Histopathology via coherent Raman imaging for precision Medicine — has received over €3.2 million to develop new medical imaging technologies.

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Alumni stories: Meet Alex Kendall – the autonomous vehicle pioneer with global ambition

15 Feb 2022

Alex Kendall co-founded Wayve in 2017. Fast-forward five years and the start-up is pioneering an artificial intelligence-led approach to autonomous vehicles on a global scale.

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Scientists develop fully woven, smart display

14 Feb 2022

Researchers have developed a 46-inch woven display with smart sensors, energy harvesting and storage integrated directly into the fabric.

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Angkur Shaikeea joins the Department as the inaugural Ashby Research Fellow

10 Feb 2022

Angkur joins the Department as the inaugural Ashby Research Fellow following his doctoral research on developing a design protocol for the failure of three-dimensional architected materials.

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Alumni stories: Welcome to Andrzej’s world of computer-generated holography

07 Feb 2022

Holographic displays are transforming the way we view, interact and connect with the world around us says alumnus Andrzej Kaczorowski.

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Remote control of floating objects – solving a complex fluid dynamics problem with AI

28 Jan 2022

Cambridge engineers have shown how a robotic arm can control the journey of a floating object remotely by manipulating surface waves on the water. 

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Tracking airborne nanoparticles to inform research on the spread of harmful emissions

21 Jan 2022

Researchers behind a device designed to detect airborne nanoparticles that have known health and environmental effects – such as viruses and pollutants – have won funding for its development.

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Powerful post-its

17 Jan 2022

How Cambridge adapted roadmapping to help organisations make smarter strategic decisions.

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The Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) programme

13 Jan 2022

Dr Jonathan Cullen from the Department's Resource Efficiency Collective and Lara Allen from the Centre for Global Equality are part of the Climate Compatible Growth programme

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