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Latest news

The new ventilator sharing device

Engineers develop a ventilator sharing device

27 Jul 2020

A new ventilator sharing device is being tested by engineers at the Institute for Manufacturing and anaesthetists at the Royal Papworth Hospital.

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AI-based ‘no-touch touchscreen’ could reduce risk of pathogen spread from surfaces

23 Jul 2020

A ‘no-touch touchscreen’ developed for use in cars could also have widespread applications in a post-COVID-19 world, by reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens on surfaces.

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Analysis of marijuana smoke reveals more than 100 toxic chemicals in just one puff

22 Jul 2020

A Cambridge study into the chemical composition of marijuana smoke has revealed that a single puff contains more than 100 toxic chemicals.

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Research demonstrates human-mobility reduction strategies could help in battle against COVID-19

20 Jul 2020

Two journal publications explore how human-mobility reduction strategies can help in fighting COVID-19.

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Dr Magalhaes de Oliveira

Dr Pedro Magalhães de Oliveira wins Clean Sky Academy Award

15 Jul 2020

Dr Pedro Magalhães de Oliveira is a winner of the Clean Sky Academy Award for the Best PhD Thesis in Applied Sciences and Engineering for Aeronautics.

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Study shows how our brains remain active during familiar, repetitive tasks

14 Jul 2020

New research, based on earlier results in mice, suggests that our brains are never at rest, even when we are not learning anything about the world around us. 

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Enigma code-breaking machine rebuilt at Cambridge

13 Jul 2020

Alumnus Hal Evans has built a replica of a 1930s Polish cyclometer – an electromechanical cryptologic device that was designed to assist in the decryption of German Enigma ciphertext.

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Dr. Jingyuan Xu

Dr. Jingyuan Xu receives the Carl von Linde IIR Young Researchers Award

08 Jul 2020

Dr. Jingyuan Xu, a postdoctoral research fellow, has been awarded the Carl von Linde IIR Young Researcher Award for young researchers in the field of cryogenic engineering.

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Capturing changing activity in London as lockdown eases

02 Jul 2020

Cambridge researchers are part of a project tasked with developing models, infrastructure and machine learning algorithms for capturing activity in London as the pandemic lockdown eases.

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Holographic beam shaping to deliver a boost to metallic 3D printing

01 Jul 2020

Cambridge engineers have begun a three-year research programme to help speed up the manufacture of metallic 3D printed parts and products, by using computer-generated holography.

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