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Latest news

How can we share solutions to complex systems problems across domains and application areas?

09 Mar 2017

What do power networks, transportation hubs, weather patterns, commercial organisations and swarming robots have in common?

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Workshop on biologically-inspired robotics brings together UK and Japanese minds

08 Mar 2017

Sidney Sussex College was home to a joint workshop on bio-inspired robotics last year that brought together leading robotics scientists and engineers from the UK and Japan.

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Celebrated optical trick goes vibrational

06 Mar 2017

A micromechanical device generates a series of precise, equally spaced vibration frequencies and could lead to advancements into detecting changes on very long timescales.

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Novel superconductor acts as portable permanent magnet

02 Mar 2017

A team led by Dr John Durrell has demonstrated a portable superconducting magnetic system that can act as a high-performance substitute for a conventional permanent magnet.

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Engineering solutions to traumatic head injuries

01 Mar 2017

Researchers in the Biomechanics Group and the Department of Clinical Neurosciences are seeing the mechanics of the skull which can lead to better ways to treat traumatic brain injuries. 

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1851 Research Fellowships inspire exceptional scientists and engineers

27 Feb 2017

1851 Research Fellowships give promising scientists and engineers the opportunity for independence and contribute to the knowledge base required for an innovative national culture.

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Do the neurons in our bodies really behave like a sushi conveyor belt?

22 Feb 2017

Chris Smith of the Naked Scientists Radio Show interviewed Dr. Timothy O’Leary on the Neuronal sushi belt

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Portrait of Professor Dame Ann Dowling unveiled

20 Feb 2017

A portrait of Professor Dame Ann Dowling, Head of the Department of Engineering from 2009–2014, was unveiled at a ceremony in the Department’s Boardroom.

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Race for astronaut position heats up as Jenni Sidey advances to shortlist

15 Feb 2017

Dr Jenni Sidey is now one of just 72 people competing for two astronaut positions in Canada. 

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Public Engagement with Research Awards

08 Feb 2017

Applications for the 2017 Public Engagement with Research Awards are now open. 

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