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Latest news

Heavy machinery at the Robin Hood Bay landfill

Cambridge launches project SMiRT

07 Jan 2008

The Environment Agency has estimated that 300,000 hectares of land at over 325,000 sites in England and Wales are contaminated with a variety of pollutants.

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Feiyang Liu

Feiyang Liu wins Superior Student Paper Award

17 Dec 2007

Feiyang Liu, a PhD student in the Micromechanics Centre of the Department, has won the Superior Student Paper Award in the 26th Annual Conference of the Tire Society held in Akron, Ohio, USA.

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Professor Charles Ainger, Dr Heather Cruickshank, President of ICE, Quentin Leiper, Dr Dick Fenner, Professor Peter Guthrie

Members of the Department win George Stephenson Gold Medal

10 Dec 2007

The medal was awarded for the second best paper overall in the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers for 2006.

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CUEA Annual Conference: Engineering - building a better world

03 Dec 2007

The Cambridge University Engineering Association conference was held as part of the recent annual Alumni weekend.

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Alumnus shares Nobel Peace Prize for 2007

26 Nov 2007

Professor Mohan Munasinghe an alumnus from the Department, shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with other IPCC colleagues and Al Gore.

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European Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award

19 Nov 2007

Vittorio Scardaci and Simone Pisana have been awarded the European Materials Research Society (EMRS) Graduate Student Award for their work on nanotube photonics and electronics.

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Jan Maciejowski's book receives the 2007 best textbook award

14 Nov 2007

The Japanese edition of Jan Maciejowski's book "Predictive Control with Constraints" has been awarded the 2007 Best Textbook award by the Japanese Society of Instrument and Control Engineers.

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Inclusive Design Toolkit

07 Nov 2007

To coincide with World Usability Day, researchers in the Department's Engineering Design Centre (EDC) are announcing the "Inclusive Design Toolkit".

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Set your clock to ‘British green time’

05 Nov 2007

Turning the clocks back each autumn has generated millions of tonnes of carbon emissions as well as increasing electricity costs during GMT months.

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New technology improves the reliability of wind turbines

29 Oct 2007

The world's first commercial Brushless Doubly-Fed Generator (BDFG) is to be installed on a 20kW turbine at or close to the Department's Electrical Engineering Division Building by early 2008.

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