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Latest news

Under the microscope

Under the Microscope: Small things, big thinking

21 May 2012

Using an electron microscope it’s possible for the human eye to see in minute detail the foot of the fruit fly – an appendage that is just about the same width as a human hair.

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Pedro Zaragoza

Prize tomato

17 May 2012

Four Engineering for Sustainable Development students win “McKinsey Innovate” 2012

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Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Teaching Fellow

16 May 2012

The MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development has won support from the Royal Academy of Engineering through the award of a RAEng Visiting Teaching Fellow.

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Felice Torrisi

Parmee Prize awarded to research student Felice Torrisi

15 May 2012

Felice Torrisi, of the Electrical Engineering Division's Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Group, has been awarded this year's Parmee Prize for Entrepreneurship and Enterpris.

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DEMON, a novel unmanned air vehicle (UAV)

£16M Boost for UK Robotics

14 May 2012

Cambridge and Cranfield Universities are at the heart of a £16 million government initiative to boost the use of robotics in UK industry.

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Professor Malcolm Bolton

Professor Bolton gives 52nd Rankine Lecture

09 May 2012

Professor Malcolm Bolton, Head of the Geotechnical and Environmental Group in the Department of Engineering, delivered the 52nd Rankine Lecture at Imperial College.

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Department of Engineering researchers start work on Phase 2 of the India-UK Advanced Technology Centre

01 May 2012

Researchers at Cambridge University Engineering Design Centre are playing a key role in the recently announced Phase 2 of the India-UK Advanced Technology Centre.

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Dr Keith Seffen

Dr Keith Seffen awarded a Visiting Professorship at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris.

30 Apr 2012

Dr Keith Seffen, of the Advanced Structures Group, has been awarded a Visiting Professorship at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, part of the prestigious Sorbonne Group in Paris.

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Gehry Building

Building our capacity to endure

25 Apr 2012

Three Cambridge academics make the top 50 most influential people for sustainability in the UK

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Professor Daniel Wolpert

Professor Daniel Wolpert has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society

23 Apr 2012

Professor Daniel Wolpert is a world leader in the computational study of sensorimotor control and learning, transforming our understanding of how the brain controls movement.

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