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Latest news

Texting Congress 1

Transforming text messaging

24 Oct 2014

An Engineering Design Lecturer has revolutionised the way mobile texting is carried out.

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Engineering energy roof: Generating electricity, generating ideas

16 Oct 2014

Faced with a leaky roof, the Department turned a maintenance job into an opportunity to generate electricity.

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The left-hand image is a visualisation of the I2S-LWR pressure vessel and contents; the right-hand image is a schematic of the I

Cambridge fuels drive to design new type of nuclear power station

15 Oct 2014

The University of Cambridge is playing a key role in a project to develop a new type of nuclear power station.

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How the bicycle got its spokes

10 Oct 2014

This article by Lucy Jolin originally appeared in the Cambridge Alumni Magazine (CAM) and documents the engineering behind the bicycle and its evolution.

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Mauro Overend appointed visiting Professor at EPFL

08 Oct 2014

Dr Mauro Overend has been appointed visiting Professor at the Steel Structures Laboratory (ICOM) at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne  (EPFL), Switzerland.

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Professor David Cardwell

Professor David Cardwell is the new Head of Department

01 Oct 2014

Professor David Cardwell takes over from Professor Dame Ann Dowling who led the Department for 5-years.

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Engineering the Impossible: Levitating Trains

25 Sep 2014

Professor David Cardwell, our incoming Head of Department, appeared on the award winning BBC weekly radio programme Naked Scientists to discuss: 'Engineering the Impossible.'

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Time to engineer some happiness

23 Sep 2014

The civil engineers behind some of the capital’s most iconic infrastructure projects have put on their dancing shoes.

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Costain secures US Innovation award for the M4L project

22 Sep 2014

Costain, the lead industry partner in the research project Materials for Life, won a category award at the Fiatech Celebration of Technology Innovation (CETI) Awards ceremony.

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Good vibrations for Forth Road Bridge

18 Sep 2014

A team of Cambridge Engineers are preparing to monitor and protect the Forth Road Bridge well into the future.

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