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Latest news


Professor Steve Young receives Technical Achievement Award 2004

27 Jan 2005

Professor Steve Young, Head of the Information Engineering Division has been awarded one of the two 2004 Technical Achievement Awards of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.

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Rolls-Royce R&T Director's Creativity Award

26 Jan 2005

Software that Dr Rob Bracewell developed as part of his research into design rationale capture has just received Rolls-Royce's Research & Technology Director's Creativity Award for 2004.

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Cold Gas Dynamic Manufacturing

24 Jan 2005

Dr Bill O'Neill is making components by firing material at over 2000mph. The particles slam onto a substrate to form a dense, stable structure at relatively low temperatures.

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Sustainable Development - 3rd annual lecture series February 2005

20 Jan 2005

This is the third in a series of lectures which began in 2003, organised by the Centre for Sustainable Development, and linked to the MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development.

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Dr Aimee Morgans wins major national prize for engineering

19 Jan 2005

Dr Aimee Morgans, of the Department of Engineering, won the top Prize of £5,000 (BP's Younger Engineer's Prize) and the 2004 Gold Medal (supported by ExxonMobil).

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Mechanics of church bell ringing

17 Jan 2005

As part of a fourth-year student project on the mechanics of church bell ringing, a "bell tower" has been built in the Mechanics Laboratory.

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Visual instruction manual on your mobile - Researchers bring sight to computers

05 Jan 2005

Anyone who has struggled to find the on-off switch on the computer will appreciate a new technology being developed by researchers at the Department of Engineering.

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Prize pump for the world's poor

22 Dec 2004

Earlier this year Thomas Smith, a research student from the Department of Engineering, was named the L'Oréal-Royal Institution Science Graduate of the Year.

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Flat screen TV for the masses - Innovative wedge screen offers bigger, cheaper displays

20 Dec 2004

Soon everyone will be able to afford to watch television on a large screen. Cambridge Flat Projection Displays (CamFPD) has developed a 20mm thick, 50" screen, which is low cost to produce.

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The Silent Aircraft Initiative - a new approach

13 Dec 2004

Reducing aircraft noise is rising up the agenda of environmental issues.

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