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Latest news


Vertical spin, highly commended

03 Jun 2004

An image of a vertical axis wind turbine being tested in the Markham Wind Tunnel, in the Aerodynamics lab, was highly commended in the Department's recent photo competition.

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Team Canada

27 May 2004

Two High School students from Canada have developed a prototype whole-body 3D ultrasound unit using the Stradx technology developed by Richard Prager, Andrew Gee and Graham Treece.

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Engineering Leadership awards

20 Apr 2004

Many congratulations to the six undergraduates in their second year, who have been awarded Engineering Leadership Awards this year from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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What makes a good lecturer?

14 Apr 2004

Congratulations to John O'Brien who has been awarded the first prize of £150 in the LTSN Engineering Student Awards 2003-2004 for his essay on 'What makes a good engineering lecturer?'.

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Lost in the City?

09 Apr 2004

Professor Roberto Cipolla and Duncan Robertson's 'Photo Recognition' software is featured in a recent issue of the New Scientist.

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GW Gray Medal

08 Apr 2004

Professor Bill Crossland has been awarded the prestigious GW Gray Medal for his contributions to research in the field of liquid crystals technology, displays and spatial light modulators.

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From pogos to pencils - deployable structures explained

02 Apr 2004

Sergio Pellegrino's deployable structures have hit the headlines again - this time in American Scientist (March-April issue, 2004).

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Project launch pad

17 Mar 2004

Around 200 children will be visiting the Department this week to attend an event as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

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Winning image

10 Mar 2004

The winning image in the photo competition recently held at the Department of Engineering was taken by Ghim Wei Ho, a PhD student working for Professor Mark Welland at the Nanoscience Centre.

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Engineering events for the Science Festival

05 Mar 2004

Budding engineers are invited to make and race a kit car this year, in the Large Exam Hall on the New Museum Site, on Saturday 13th March, at the opening of this year's Science Festival.

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