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Latest news

Shreya Singhal

Biomedical Engineering Award for the study of cochlear implants

07 Apr 2021

Shreya Singhal has won the IMechE Vicon Best Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Award for her project developing a platform for the study of cochlear implants.

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Alumnus Fotis Fotiadis, CEO and Co-Founder of Better Origin

Alumni profile: Fotis Fotiadis CEO and Co-Founder of Better Origin

01 Apr 2021

Alumnus Fotis Fotiadis is CEO and Co-Founder of Better Origin, a company pioneering the transformation of organic waste into high quality functional animal feed.

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Women in Engineering: an interview with PhD student Jana Skirnewskaja

29 Mar 2021

A curious mind, an interest in technology and a hunger for opportunity were what it took for Jana Skirnewskaja to begin her journey in engineering. 

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Data-Centric Engineering Webinar Series

25 Mar 2021

A programme of virtual events about data-centric engineering will begin on 7 April, running monthly until October, with talks from experts in the field and those in industry. 

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New book ‘Four Futures, One Choice’ looks at the future of the built environment

24 Mar 2021

A new book paints a picture of how the choices we make today are vital in shaping our future built environment world – and asks us all to decide what sort of society we want to live in.

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Graphene could one day be used to make quick, reliable tests for viruses like SARS-CoV-2

22 Mar 2021

In this article from The Conversation, Dr Luigi G. Occhipinti, Director of Research in Graphene and Related Technologies, discusses potential applications of graphene in point-of-care tests.

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Bioelectronics researcher secures prestigious fellowship

18 Mar 2021

Dr Scott Keene, Research Associate in Neurotechnology, has been awarded a major research fellowship by the European Commission. 

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Professor Rob Miller_©Julian-Anderson_NC-Only-2048x1368.jpg

Have a green flight!

15 Mar 2021

A carbon-neutral economy in 50 years? Maybe. But what if we were to go faster? Professor Rob Miller says that it is time to completely rethink the schedule.

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International Workshop on Next Generation Embodied Intelligence

11 Mar 2021

The Department's Bio-inspired Robotics Laboratory is shining a spotlight on the research field of embodied intelligence as part of a free online webinar running from 24-26 March. 

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Why India’s urban poor struggle to transition to clean cooking despite grave health impacts

08 Mar 2021

In this article from The Conversation, co-author and PhD student André Neto-Bradley discusses the impact of fumes from solid biomass fuel on the health of those in the developing world.

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