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Latest news

Dr Jennifer Schooling co-author of the Cambridge Zero Policy Forum’s green recovery report

05 Nov 2020

Dr Jennifer Schooling is one of the authors of Cambridge Zero Policy Forum's green recovery report, ‘A Blueprint for a Green Future’.

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The ‘P’ Word – Plastic in the UK: practical and pervasive … but problematic

04 Nov 2020

Plastics are ubiquitous in modern society, owing to their usefulness, durability and how cheap and easy they are to produce. This makes plastics both a blessing and a curse.

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An example of an Augmented Reality headset to increase operations resilience. Image: Elisa Roth

Worker assistance systems: Understanding the human perspective

02 Nov 2020

Worker assistance systems are becoming increasingly intelligent, interactive and supportive. But do they have a future on the shop floor?

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Fellowship awarded for applied superconductivity research

30 Oct 2020

PhD student Jun Ma has been awarded a Graduate Study Fellowship from the IEEE Council on Superconductivity.

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New artificial heart valve could transform open-heart surgery

29 Oct 2020

A new type of artificial heart valve could mean that millions of patients with diseased heart valves will no longer require lifelong blood-thinning medication after valve replacement surgery.

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Woman in a face mask walks down the street while staring at her phone.

Study measures effectiveness of different face mask materials when coughing

29 Oct 2020

Researchers have tested t-shirts, socks, jeans, vacuum bags and more, to determine what type of mask material is most effective at trapping the ultrafine particles which may contain viruses.

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The scientist who launched a comic and flew the flag for Black History Month

27 Oct 2020

Self-confessed comic addict Osarenkhoe Ogbeide sees beyond the superhero to the scientist. 

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AI reduces ‘communication gap’ for nonverbal people by as much as half

19 Oct 2020

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to reduce the ‘communication gap’ for nonverbal people with motor disabilities who rely on computers to converse with others.

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Cambridge PhD student secures Industrial Fellowship

16 Oct 2020

PhD student Poppy Oldroyd has been awarded an Industrial Fellowship to support her research into increasing the lifetime of brain implants treating epilepsy, Parkinson’s and depression. 

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Artist's impression of a hybrid-nanodielectric-based printed-CNT transistor

Easy-to-make, ultra-low power electronics could charge out of thin air

15 Oct 2020

Researchers have developed a new approach to printed electronics which allows ultra-low power electronic devices that could recharge from ambient light or radiofrequency noise.

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