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Latest news

A beekeeping aid to monitor the hive weight enhancing the chance of bee survival in the winter

New manufacturing innovations unveiled at student Design Show

21 Jun 2012

Eleven innovative design projects were on display at the Department of Engineering's Institute for Manufacturing to mark the end of a year-long project.

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Isabel Boanas-Evans (centre)

Engineering student honoured for sporting success

15 Jun 2012

Rower Isabel Boanas-Evans has been awarded the annual Osprey of the Year trophy in what has been recognised as one of the most memorable years in women's rowing at Cambridge.

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Nuclear Power Plant

A safer route to a nuclear future?

13 Jun 2012

By using thorium instead of uranium as fuel, nuclear power could be safer and more sustainable, according to new research.

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Hackathon Victory for Data Scientists

08 Jun 2012

Data scientists from the Department of Engineering formed part of the winning team in the first ever global Data Science Hackathon.

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Infrastructure revolution

07 Jun 2012

A new Centre at Cambridge has been formed to kick-start the smart infrastructure revolution.

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How wings really work

29 May 2012

A 1-minute video released by the University of Cambridge sets the record straight on a much misunderstood concept - how wings lift.

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Under the Microscope: Stretchable electronics

28 May 2012

Dr Ingrid Graz shows us a thin layer of gold on top of rubber. Cracks in the gold allow it to stretch and we can use this for stretchable electronics.

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Marcos Pelenur

Engineering student gains Cabinet Office work placement

25 May 2012

Marcos Pelenur, a PhD student at the Centre for Sustainable Development, has been gained a work placement in the Cabinet Office as a Research Fellow.

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Call of the wired

24 May 2012

For generations, we have dreamed of machines with artificial intelligence with which we can have real conversations but, despite technological advances, such devices seem some way off.

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Students, supervisors and JLR engineers at the Heritage Motor Centre

Undergraduates collaborate with Jaguar Land Rover

23 May 2012

A group of engineering undergraduates are nearing completion of their final-year projects in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover.

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