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Latest news

How sure is sure? Incorporating human error into machine learning

04 Sep 2023

Researchers are developing a way to incorporate one of the most human of characteristics – uncertainty – into machine learning systems.

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Gates Cambridge Scholar-Elect Christopher Slaughter

Gates Cambridge class of 2023 – Christopher Slaughter

30 Aug 2023

Gates Cambridge Scholar-Elect Christopher Slaughter talks about his engineering research and his commitment to widening access to medical technology.

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Postgrad research will investigate wearable ‘smart gloves’ for use in human-robot collaboration, VR and AR

23 Aug 2023

PhD students Ivan Grega and Sara AlMahri are researching a 3D printed self-sensing and wearable mesh ‘glove’ for the reconstruction of gestures, applicable to VR, AR, and other applications.

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IfM PhD student awarded IET Postgraduate Scholarship and RAEng Enterprise Fellowship

21 Aug 2023

Douglas Brion has received two awards for his PhD research and start-up Matta – a spin-out company working to create artificial general intelligence for the manufacturing sector.

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Inner secrets of Iron Age sword revealed for the first time using cutting-edge research

14 Aug 2023

The internal structure of an Iron Age sword has been understood for the first time, thanks to scientific imaging and analysis techniques involving a Cambridge engineer.

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Dr Jurgen Becque receives prestigious ASCE Moisseiff Award

10 Aug 2023

Dr Jurgen Becque won the ASCE Moisseiff Award for providing accurate solutions to a century-unresolved set of equations.

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Professor Nathan Crilly

Professor Nathan Crilly – Pilkington Prize winner 2023

07 Aug 2023

Nathan Crilly, Professor of Design, has been awarded one of the University’s Pilkington Prizes for excellence in teaching.

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Dr Brian Sheil Laing O'Rourke Associate Professor in Construction Engineering.

02 Aug 2023

Dr Brian Sheil is a world-leading researcher in construction engineering, focusing on optimising the efficiency and safety of civil infrastructure construction. 

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Developing solutions for the energy transition

31 Jul 2023

In this series of short films, Cambridge researchers discuss how their work is supporting the energy transition. 

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Pioneer in science and technology of organic electronic materials recognised with Blaise Pascal Medal

27 Jul 2023

George Malliaras, Prince Philip Professor of Technology, who is widely considered a founding father of organic bioelectronics, has been announced as a 2023 Blaise Pascal Medallist.

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