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Latest news

Some of the CU Spaceflight team with the Aquila rocket, a subproject of the Griffin I launch attempt

The Cambridge students aiming to send a rocket into space in 2024

19 Oct 2023

A team of Cambridge students are aiming to be the first amateur rocketry group in Europe to send a rocket into space – in 2024.

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Cambridge joins new global initiative to transform net zero hydrogen production

18 Oct 2023

Professor Adam Boies has been announced as a co-investigator of a new international partnership set up to make low-cost, large-scale, net zero hydrogen production a reality.

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Innovative wearable e-textiles fit for a sustainable circular economy

16 Oct 2023

If electronic textiles (e-textiles) are to have a sustainable future and at scale, then a transition is needed to unlock innovative wearable e-textiles that fit a sustainable circular economy

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How I got my first job in motorsport – meet Cambridge Engineering student Amanda Kangai

09 Oct 2023

Cambridge Engineering undergraduate Amanda Kangai recently became the first female recruit to be signed by an off-road electric racing team under the Racing for All initiative.

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Helios prize medal

The Helios prize open for applications

05 Oct 2023

The Helios prize is awarded for graduate work in sustainable energy or energy efficiency.

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Emeritus Professor Robin Langley

Emeritus Professor Robin Langley receives Structural Dynamics award

04 Oct 2023

Emeritus Professor Robin Langley has received the European Association of Structural Dynamics award for outstanding and sustained contributions to structural dynamics.

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Professor Hannah J. Joyce

Nanowires: Small but mighty building blocks for efficient electronics

04 Oct 2023

Professor Hannah Joyce discusses methods of “growing” nanowires from the bottom-up and schemes for measuring the intriguing electrical properties of these nanowires.

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Dr Demetrios Lefas

Jet engine engineer awarded RAEng Research Fellowship

02 Oct 2023

Dr Demetrios Lefas, Research Fellow at the Whittle Laboratory has received a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Research Fellowship.

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Navigating the ambiguities of the metaverse

01 Oct 2023

Visiting research fellow Dr Matteo Zallio explains some of the different aspects of his research, and why he has felt compelled to help establish a new field of research, Metavethics.

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Researchers and students unite at conference dedicated to autonomous robotics and applications

28 Sep 2023

The longest-running UK-hosted international conference on Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) has been held here at the Department of Engineering. 

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