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News stories archive - 2012

News stories archive - 2012

Cambridge's experimental twin-trailer vehicle, designed to minimize CO2 generation for long-haul freight, while meeting the UK's

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight Transport

07 Nov 2012

A new Centre for Sustainable Road Freight Transport has been established with a total of £5.8 million funding for the first five years.

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Dr Tim Minshall

Dr Tim Minshall's TEDx talk 'Building the Future'

05 Nov 2012

Dr Tim Minshall, Senior Lecturer in Technology Management recently gave a TEDx talk based around the perception of what primary school children think engineers do.

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Heathrow Airport

The future of flying

29 Oct 2012

Aircraft that work together to solve complicated mathematical problems and airports with more flexibly used runways could be the future of flying.

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Cambustion's fast response particle analyser is used in the development of cleaner engines

Spin-off company Cambustion celebrate 25 years at the forefront of global engine emissions research

24 Oct 2012

Staff at the Department of Engineering spin-off company Cambustion celebrate 25 years at the forefront of global engine emissions research.

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SET award winners, left to right: Peter Whiteley, James Parker, Robert Woodward

Department scoops Science, Engineering and Technology Student of the Year Awards

22 Oct 2012

The SET Student of the Year Awards recognise outstanding achievement in science, engineering and technology by undergraduates at UK universities.

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Dr John Cunningham

How do neurons firing in the brain produce movement in the body?

19 Oct 2012

A new study has found that motor neurons encode the world differently from other types of brain cells.

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Dr Michael Purshouse

New President for Engineers' Association

18 Oct 2012

Dr Michael Purshouse has been elected President of Cambridge University Engineers' Association, in succession to Major-General K John Drewienkiewicz.

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Cambridge extends MIT exchange partnership

17 Oct 2012

More undergraduates to study at “both” Cambridges during their degree.

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2012 winning image

Caught on camera: engineering in action

15 Oct 2012

The winning entries of the 2012 Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering.

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Under the microscope

Under the Microscope: Tiny worm pellets

12 Oct 2012

Matthew Kuo tells us how tiny worm faecal pellets affect how oil pipelines sit on the seabed.

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