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Latest news

8m diameter tunnelling machine

Professor Robert Mair will give the 2006 Rankine Lecture

20 Mar 2006

This year's Rankine Lecture entitled 'Tunnelling and Geotechnics - New Horizons', will be given by Professor Robert Mair.

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Experiments with a virtual violin

15 Mar 2006

The question of why some violins are so much more valuable than others has fascinated musicians and scientists for a long time.

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Epson Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering

08 Mar 2006

This year's photography competition, open to all staff and students in the Department, is sponsored by Epson UK.

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Assessing bridge strength

01 Mar 2006

Dr Campbell Middleton has secured funding for a project to investigate the benefits of a new technique for assessing the load carrying capacity of concrete bridges in the UK.

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Fusion Island

22 Feb 2006

Dr Bill Nuttall has won an award at the East of England Energy Group's (EEEGR) 3rd Annual Innovation Awards.

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Tsunami-Safe(r) Housing

14 Feb 2006

Dr Gopal Madabhushi and Dr I. Thusyanthan here in the Department of Engineering are testing a house design that it will have a good chance of withstanding a tsunami wave.

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4th Annual Lecture Series in Sustainable Development

06 Feb 2006

The program for the 4th Annual Lecture Series in Sustainable Development has been released.

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Aviation's impact on the environment

01 Feb 2006

Economic development, increasing global linkages, and continuously declining airfares have made air travel the sector of fastest growth amongst all transportation modes.

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Designs on life

25 Jan 2006

James Brown and Chris Field are part of a team from the University of Cambridge that took part in the first international Intercollegiate Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition.

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Sending email at the blink of an eye

18 Jan 2006

A new invention could change the lives of millions of disabled people by allowing them to control a computer by raising an eyebrow.

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