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Latest news


Detecting and tracking individual people in a crowd

24 Aug 2005

Professor Roberto Cipolla and Gabriel Brostow here at the Department are working on a project to detect and track individuals in crowd situations.

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The Big Blue - Professor Coles and Dr Pivnenko publish in Nature

18 Aug 2005

Liquid-crystal 'blue phases' can be just about any colour in the rainbow.

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Royal Academy of Engineering Poster Design Competition prize winner

10 Aug 2005

Congratulations to the Department's Alex Norman who is a prize winner in the Royal Academy of Engineering national Student Poster Design Competition.

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Digital Pygmalion project: from photographs to 3D computer model

01 Aug 2005

Professor Roberto Cipolla's Digital Pygmalion project brings a handful of photographs of a sculpture to life as a high-resolution 3D computer model.

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Inclusive Design

27 Jul 2005

Professor John Clarkson Director of the Department's Engineering Design Centre (EDC) gave the opening presentation on 'Inclusive Design' at a recent Horizon seminar.

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Perse boys visit ‘Silent’ Aircraft Initiative

13 Jul 2005

Boys from The Perse School in Cambridge got the chance to be engineers for a day last week, when they met Cambridge University researchers who are trying to design a ‘Silent’ Aircraft.

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Augmented Maps

07 Jul 2005

Dr Tom Drummond, Dr Gerhard Reitmayr, and Ethan Eade are combining the benefits of printed maps with the benefits of computer based dynamic maps.

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Dr Tom Reynolds has received the 2005 BA Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award Lecture

24 Jun 2005

Dr Tom Reynolds from the Department has received the 2005 BA Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award Lecture.

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Mondialogo Engineering Award Department prize winners

20 Jun 2005

Mike Khaw, Zern Chu Tay, Andrew Lamb, and Francis Mills are Mondialogo Engineering Award prize winners.

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Predicting the risk of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)

13 Jun 2005

Dr Richard Saumarez, a medic and engineer is working with a multidisciplinary team to find a method of predicting the risk of sudden cardiac death.

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