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Latest news

Artists impression of Droneport for Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

08 Jun 2016

Dr Matthew DeJong and his research group are involved in two projects that are being exhibited at the Venice Architecture​ Biennale 2016.

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Trimble partnership will advance engineering and construction technologies

03 Jun 2016

The Department of Engineering’s Construction Information Technology Laboratory will partner with Trimble on research to advance technology development in engineering and construction.

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Consortium scores €9 million for textile nanofibre research

31 May 2016

The Department of Engineering will coordinate a new €9 million European Commission-funded project on technical textiles. 

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Women in engineering celebrated with inaugural competition

27 May 2016

The Inspirational Women Engineers competition was held at the Department of Engineering with a lunchtime champagne reception.

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Hackathon unleashes the power of wearables

25 May 2016

The Cambridge University Engineering Society (CUES) has held its first-ever Hackathon. 

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Alumna Professor Anya Jones

Alumna Anya Jones Receives Presidential Early Career Award

23 May 2016

President Barack Obama has named alumna Anya Jones a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists

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Construction PhD student takes research prize

18 May 2016

Stefania C. Radopoulou has been awarded a Fiatech Outstanding Student Research Project prize for her work in developing road infrastructure sensor systems in vehicles.

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Women in Engineering: An interview with Dr Jenni Sidey

12 May 2016

Dr Jenni Sidey Research Associate in Experimental Turbulent Combustion in the Energy, Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery Division.

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Sir James Dyson opens invention powerhouse at the University of Cambridge

09 May 2016

The James Dyson Building focuses on advances including smart infrastructure, electric vehicles and efficient internal combustion systems. 

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Image: Sketches dating from 1506-8 showing attempts to analyse the friction on a cylinder supported in a half-bearing

Leonardo da Vinci: the first systematic study of friction

05 May 2016

Friction is immensely important to us yet it is only 50 years since a special word – ‘tribology’ – was first coined to describe its study.

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