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Latest news

Professor Colm Durkan (left) and Antoine Koen

Helios prize awarded for research in sustainable energy

27 Mar 2023

The winner of the Department’s Helios Prize – awarded for graduate research in sustainable energy or energy efficiency – has been announced.

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What really matters in multi-storey building design?

22 Mar 2023

The impact of multi-storey building design considerations on embodied emissions, cost, and operational energy has been revealed for the first time.

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Jag Srai 

Supply chains, how they work and how to improve them

20 Mar 2023

Supply chains, how they work and how to improve them: An interview with Jag Srai

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Gaia Vince and Jonathon Porritt

Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

16 Mar 2023

How should we manage our future as the global temperature rises beyond the agreed safe limit of 1.5C?

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Equipping undergraduates with hands-on experience via interactive lab sessions

13 Mar 2023

New practical experiments in mechanics have been introduced to 1st & 2nd-year undergraduates – bringing to life theories of angular momentum & motion of a double pendulum, for example

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Alumni Profile: Sam Davies yachtswoman

08 Mar 2023

Alumna Sam Davies is a talented and highly experienced skipper. She began her career in competitive sailing at 24 with her 1st crewed round the world trip - the Jules Verne Trophy - in 1998.

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Professor Dame Sarah Springman

Alumni Profile: Professor Dame Sarah Springman

06 Mar 2023

Professor Sarah Springman is one of the most accomplished academic geotechnical engineers and a pioneer in the study of soft soil mechanics, ground improvement and mass movement of slopes.

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International Virtual Conference on Embodied Intelligence

28 Feb 2023

Our Bio-inspired Robotics Lab will host an international conference on embodied intelligence – with expert speakers including philosophers, neuroscientists, biologists & roboticists.

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Daniel Zeichner MP

Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

27 Feb 2023

Climate Change in the Context of UK Politics Thursday 2 March 7.00–8.30 pm - Daniel Zeichner MP

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How Iceland could have a starring role as a sustainable alternative protein exporter to Northern Europe

21 Feb 2023

Iceland could help address Northern Europe’s food security issues with the scaling-up of its industrial production of Spirulina – an alternative protein source.

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