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Latest news

Dr Brian Sheil Laing O'Rourke Associate Professor in Construction Engineering.

02 Aug 2023

Dr Brian Sheil is a world-leading researcher in construction engineering, focusing on optimising the efficiency and safety of civil infrastructure construction. 

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Developing solutions for the energy transition

31 Jul 2023

In this series of short films, Cambridge researchers discuss how their work is supporting the energy transition. 

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Pioneer in science and technology of organic electronic materials recognised with Blaise Pascal Medal

27 Jul 2023

George Malliaras, Prince Philip Professor of Technology, who is widely considered a founding father of organic bioelectronics, has been announced as a 2023 Blaise Pascal Medallist.

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Cambridge alumna wins Young Engineer of the Year award

26 Jul 2023

Electrical Engineering alumna Dr Jiaqi Chu has been named a winner of the 2023 RAEng Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year competition.

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Funding success: Manufacturing in the metaverse

24 Jul 2023

A research proposal titled Manufacturing in the metaverse: Conceptual model and future research directions, by Dr Kazantsev and Prof Velu, has been supported by InterAct.

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Cheaper method for making woven displays and smart fabrics – of any size or shape

19 Jul 2023

Researchers have developed next-generation smart textiles that can be produced inexpensively, in any shape or size, using the same machines used to make the clothing we wear every day.

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Developing next-generation biosensors to improve the monitoring and prevention of diseases

17 Jul 2023

How to build new types of low-cost biosensors that access the biomolecules in blood, sweat and tears (and urine) is the focus of a new £8.6 million EPSRC programme grant.

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Cambridge researchers help develop smart, 3D printed concrete wall for National Highways project

13 Jul 2023

Cambridge researchers, working in partnership with industry, have helped develop the first 3D printed piece of concrete infrastructure to be used on a National Highways project. 

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The SARAID team in Turkey

Engineering for emergency response: Turkey and Syria earthquakes

10 Jul 2023

Alumna Sakthy Selvakumaran, is a civil engineer who volunteers for the charity Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters.

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Robot ‘chef’ learns to recreate recipes from watching food videos

05 Jul 2023

Researchers have trained a robotic ‘chef’ to watch and learn from cooking videos, and recreate the dish itself.

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