Department of Engineering

Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies

Masters programme

The Division runs a popular one-year MPhil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence.

Centre for Doctoral Training 

We are part of the EPSRC CDT in Agri-Food Robotics ‘Agriforwards’, run in conjuntion with the University of Lincoln and the University of East Anglia.  Information on the course and the applicaton process is available here

PhD Studentships

We are always looking for bright PhD students to join us, since they form an essential component of our efforts in research, and have the option of contributing to undergraduate teaching, while we in turn hope to provide a unique research training environment. Though the Division is made up of four research groups (Computational and Biological Learning, Control, Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing and Communications), there is a good deal of overlap, especially in the sense of appropriate skills and motivation, so we suggest that you have a look through all the research group pages. They are a great resource to learn about our division, our members and their research interests, and the kinds of projects being carried out.

Specific studentships are advertised on the Department's vacancies page.  Although it is not necessary before applying,  if you have doubts about whether your background is suitable for a particular PhD studentship or if you have questions about a specific research group, you are welcome to contact one of the faculty members directly. Due to their high email volume, you may not receive an immediate response but they will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

General information about applying, including the application forms and deadlines for graduate study, is available on the Postgraduate Admissions pages. Further information is provided on the Department of Engineering's own Graduate Studies pages.

The following members of academic staff are accepting applications for students to start in October 2023:

Computational and Biological Learning:  Dr Yashar Ahmadian, Dr. Hong Ge, Dr Guillaume Hennequin, Prof Jose MIguel Hernandez Lobato, Dr David Krueger, Prof Mate Lengyel, Dr Flavia Mancini, Prof Carl Rasmussen, Prof Richard Turner, Dr Adrian Weller

Control Group:  Dr Somenath Bakshi, Dr Fulvio Forni, Prof Ioannis Lestas, Prof Tim O'Leary, Prof Rodolphe Sepulchre, Prof Glenn Vinnicombe

Machine Intelligence Laboratory: Dr Samuel Albanie, Dr Ignas Budvytis, Prof Bill Byrne, Prof Roberto Cipolla, Dr Andrew Gee, Prof Fumiya Iida, Dr Kate Knill, Dr Graham Treece, Prof Phil Woodland

Signal Processing and Communications: Prof Simon Godsill, Dr Albert Guillen i Fabregas, Prof Joan Lasenby, Prof Ramji Venkataramanan