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Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations

There are over 20,000 alumni across the globe, who have kept in touch with the Department of Engineering, having worked or studied here. We always look forward to hearing from our alumni and keeping in contact.

If you would like to be part of this community, then please:

You may remember how much you enjoyed working for a company on a specific project during your time of study. We are always on the lookout for work experiences for our students. You benefit from having young, intelligent, enthusiastic employees for a period of time; we benefit from ensuring our courses equip them thoroughly for the future; the country benefits from producing highly-skilled, practical engineers with a knowledge of the working world. If you would like to find out more about the opportunities, please visit the Department's Student Placements page.

If you want to seek expertise in the Department and possibly collaborate on research, then please review our Collaboration pages or contact Philip Guildford, Chief Operating Officer.

We cannot produce a page about alumni without mentioning philanthropy, which we greatly appreciate. If you are interested in supporting research, teaching and the next generation of engineers, then please contact Ann Cernek (Tel: +44 (0)7761 038981).

To make a donation online, or for information on other ways to give, please visit our dedicated Engineering donation page