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Consulting and Other Services

Consulting and Other Services

On occasion, for targeted pieces of work related to research topics in the Department, academics are able to offer specialist services based on their specific skills or using equipment they have developed as part of their research.  Examples of such services include:

  • giving advice as consultants
  • providing executive education
  • arranging events
  • acting as an expert witness
  • testing samples, running analyses or producing prototypes

If you know the name of the academic you would like to contact, then please go direct to them and they will be able to advise you how best to proceed.  If your enquiry is more general, then please contact our Director of Research, Philip Guildford.

The Department also has a wholly-owned subsidiary called IfM Education and Consultancy Services Limited. It is embedded within Department’s Manufacturing and Management Division (Institute for Manufacturing), providing a rapid dissemination route for new ideas and approaches developed by our researchers. Industrial practitioners, with many years of senior management experience, engage directly with industry, governments and other agencies via consultancy, executive education and events. Their engagements help to both inform and fund future research. Profits from the company are 'gift-aided' to the University of Cambridge to fund future research activities.