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Longer Projects and Frameworks

Longer Projects and Frameworks

The Department works with many companies on a range of timescales.  Some companies have built long-term relationships within the Department to collaborate on leading-edge research, for example with PhD students looking at fundamental topics of interest.  Sometimes, there will be contracts to fund Research Associates looking at more immediate issues, for example, the implementation of new technologies or capabilities.  These programmes are managed by experienced academics and senior researchers who work closely with the company to establish the course for the collaboration and ensure it is delivered to a high standard.

In other instances, the Department works with consortia of companies to address research that is typically fundamental and pre-competitive.  Consortia sometimes come to us ready formed.  More often, we assemble a group of partners.  We have a variety of established models to call on together with the freedom to adapt them to suit particular consortia.   

Longer projects and frameworks with both individual companies and consortia give us the opportunity to achieve good gearing with government funding for research and knowledge transfer.  They also allow us to build the trust and finely tailor working methods in our partnerships that are necessary for really close, creative and efficient collaboration.  This often features secondments and placements in both directions, regular meetings, and a high-paced open-style of working.

If you know the area in which you are interested or perhaps know the academic with whom you would like to work, then please make direct contact.  If you are not sure how best to start or would welcome some help in exploring possibilities and opportunities, then please contact the Director of Research, Philip Guildford.