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Short Student Projects

Short Student Projects

Students, appropriately mentored by their lecturers, can be a valuable source of fresh ideas and skills when working on short projects inspired by companies; and experience in companies is invaluable for students as it places their studies in context informing future studies and career choices. Companies can collaborate on a range of different types of student project:

4th Year Projects

All Engineering undergraduates complete a project, devoting 50% of their last academic year from October to June, encompassing both theoretical and practical work. Some companies provide a list of candidate projects and academic supervisors can work with the companies to work up an agreed candidate scope.  Academics and students work together to choose the projects that best fit the students’ interests and capabilities.  Some companies have found that, as they build their relationship with the Department, they attract students every year and, in most instances, both the company and the student derive considerable insight, understanding and benefit. For general enquiries, contact the Director of Research, Philip Guildford.

Master’s Degree Projects

All students working towards a Master’s degree complete a year-long research project.  These projects are similar to the 4th year projects but typically allow the student to investigate a topic in more detail at a more sophisticated level. The Master’s courses are detailed on the Graduate Studies website.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

These projects allow undergraduate student the opportunity to undertake a short project over the Summer Vacation period to enable them to gain more experience working in an academic environment, typically on a project with real industrial relevance or commercial value.  If you think you may have suitable topics for such projects please contact Dr. Hugh Shercliff.