Department of Engineering

Student Placements

Student Placements

All the Department’s students are encouraged to seek opportunities to broaden their engineering experience and to build their skills.  At the same time, the students provide companies with an enthusiastic and motivated group of extremely bright young engineers, interested in doing practical projects that deliver real value.  Student placements provide a win-win opportunity for students and companies alike.

The Engineering course at Cambridge covers a vast range of subject matter throughout the four year duration. Starting in the first year, our undergraduate students learn the fundamental principles underpinning mechanical, civil, structural, electronic, electrical and software engineering. There is also a strong focus on Life Sciences, Sustainability and Manufacturing at a later stage in the course. The course structure reinforces the concept of the integrated nature of modern engineering.

Some notable skills that our students learn in the first and second year include:

  • Using electronic measurement equipment and building and programming a Microprocessor
  • Utilising the basics of C++ as well using some MatLab Skills.
  • Giving presentations
  • Using CAD equipment and drawing by hand
  • Building and testing a load bearing structure
  • In a team of six, build and test an autonomously guided vehicle from a box of components

Optional studies include:

  • Stripping and re-building of a motor vehicle engine
  • Surveying
  • Foreign languages: Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Japanese


Students are available to work between mid-June and the end of September for periods varying from 4 to 12 weeks. More precise schedule is presented on the University's Term Dates and Calendars page.

The next step...

Whether you are a large or small company, if you think you can find some useful work or a project for one of our students, please visit the Industrial Placements page