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MPhil in Engineering

MPhil in Engineering

MPhil in Engineering

This is a one-year full-time (or two years part-time) research course designed to provide further study and training in research. As a student registered for the MPhil in Engineering programme, you will spend the majority of your time undertaking research in one of the areas of current interest in the Department, under the supervision of an academic member of staff. In addition, you will study two taught modules chosen from over sixty offered in the Department. Modules consist of lectures and practical work, and each module involves about 80 hours of work. You will also participate in a researcher development programme. During the year, you will write your research up into a 15,000 word thesis, and then have an oral examination.

This general MPhil is very flexible, and can be tailored to suit your particular interests. You can browse current topics of research in the department and identify potential supervisors via the research pages of our website.You should state the name of the supervisor(s) that you wish to work with on your application form, and should also give at least an indication of the topic you wish to undertake research on, so that we can direct your application appropriately

Please note that we admit very few students each year onto the MPhil in Engineering. The MPhil is not a prerequisite for the PhD Degree so students wishing to undertake a PhD should apply directly for admission to the PhD programme. Applicants are strongly advised to identify a supervisor that they wish to work with and to contact them directly to discuss their research interests, in advance of submitting an application. Not all of our supervisors are able to accommodate MPhil projects, and applicants who have not already established contact with a supervisor before applying are unlikely to be admitted. Please note that successful applicants may be allocated to a different supervisor than the one(s) named on the application form.

Further information, including entrance requirements and how to apply, can be found on the online Course Directory. The Engineering Postgraduate Students website contains resources for current students and may also be of interest to applicants:

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