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Schools and Community Outreach

Schools and Community Outreach

Cambridge Engineering Outreach supports participation in science, engineering and technology related events in the UK, particularly in the Cambridge area.

Cambridge Engineering Outreach aims to:

·     Introduce children and young people to the fun and excitement of Engineering in a university research environment;

·     Organise and support Engineering events which encourage currently underrepresented groups to apply to Higher Education;

·     Use teams of student and staff volunteers to help make Engineering, Higher Education in general, and the University of Cambridge in particular, accessible, to raise aspirations and to reduce gender/culture stereotypes;

·     Provide opportunities for CUED students and staff to help inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists while developing their own transferable skills;

·     Support the work of relevant local organisations such as Cambridge colleges, Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge Admissions Office and Cambridge Museum of Technology

·     Provide an opportunity for students to develop their skills in communicating Engineering ideas to a non-specialist audience.

Typically, we offer tours of the Department to any school group that asks.  Hands-on activities are organised as part of events such as the Science Festival or programmes designed to widen the demographics of the University of Cambridge and Engineering in particular.

To enquire about activities please email

Below you can find information regarding the types of activities we offer.

If cost is a problem please indicate this on the request form

Activity Duration Target age Group size Cost Notes
Cardboard bridges 2 hours Year 11 onwards 30 maximum £150
Hovercraft 2 hours Age 8 upwards Flexible £150
How wings work 1 to 1.5 hours Year 9 onwards Flexible £150
Krazy Kit Kars 2 hours Age 8 upwards Flexible £150
Penny whistles 2 hours Year 11 onwards 30 maximum £150
Primary Rocket launchpad 1.5 hours Years 5 and 6 30 maximum Free This activity runs twice daily for 1 week in March and 1 week in June.
Programming Lego robots 1 hour to 2 days Year 7 onwards 20 maximum £150
Rolled paper tube bridges 2.5 hours Age 8 upwards 30 maximum £150
Rolled paper tube cranes 2.5 hours Age 8 upwards 30 maximum £150
Rolled paper tube towers 2.5 hours Age 8 upwards 30 maximum £150
Tour of undergraduate teaching areas 1 to 1.5 hours Year 10 upwards 15, with some flexibility Free
Work experience 1 week Years 11 and 12 Individuals Free Applications for work experience open in autumn and close at the beginning of January.  Placements occur in the middle of July. Follow the link for more information.