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English language requirements

English language requirements

In order to successfully complete their course it is crucial that students have a high standard of fluency in English. 

If English is not your first language you will be asked to submit evidence that you meet the University's language requirement before your place on the course is confirmed. This is usually through the provision of an English language certificate, although if you have studied in an English speaking country for a minimum of three years within two years prior to the course start date, a transcript will be sufficient. Please note that you do not need to provide evidence of a language test prior to submitting your application, the Postgraduate Admissions Office will inform if you require one (and how to submit your results) when you receive an offer from us.

Note that you cannot upload English language test results whilst your application is under consideration. If you do not upload one at the time you submit the application, you will have to wait until you have been made an offer.

You can find out if you are likely to require a language test by selecting your nationality here

Which tests do we accept?

Listening Writing Reading Speaking TOTAL
IELTS (Academic) 7.0 7.0 6.5 7.0 7.0
TOEFL 25 25 25 25 100

CAE and  CPE


Grade A or B (with at least 193 in each element) plus a language centre assessment.

CPE Grade A, B or C (with at least 200 in each individual element).

Please note that the test results are valid for two years, so if you have achieved the language scores above within this time period you can submit this result.

It is also important to consider that there might be a long wait for IELTS and TOEFL tests to become available as they are often in high demand. We recommend that if you have been asked to provide a language score as part of your offer that you book your test as soon as you can, so that you also have time to book another test should you not meet the requirement on the first attempt.

If the Postgraduate Admissions Office have informed you that you need to take a test then you will need to do so, and the condition cannot not be changed. No waiver can be offered.

What if I do not meet the required standard on one of the accepted tests?

You do not need to have met the English language criteria before applying, but if you do not upload a valid test certificate that meets the criteria with your application, and you are required to provide a language test certificate, it will be a condition of your offer to provide one before your place on the course can be confirmed.

If you narrowly miss out on passing an English language test, you should still upload the certificate with your application (or to your self-service account, after you have been made an offer). The Postgraduate Admissions Office will determine whether it is a near-miss, and if so, may offer you the opportunity to be assessed by the University's Language Centre. You can only have one Language Assessment per year. If the outcome is that you pass outright, then your English language condition will be met. If you do not pass, or only pass subject to attendance at a pre- or in-sessional language course, then your English language condition will not be met, and your condition will revert to you needing to complete an external English language test, as above.