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Collaboration Overview

Collaboration Overview

Collaborations are essential for our research to be world-class, for it to achieve impact in the real world and for preparing our students for careers in engineering. The Department is open to mutually-beneficial collaborations with industrial and academic partners. They provide companies with access to the world’s best researchers and students, together with state-of-the-art facilities. They provide academics with the chance to collaborate across institutions to form the very best teams in the world to crack the toughest research questions. They are fundamental to the Department’s aim of being an international hub for engineering.

A long-term relationships can start by building rapport with an individual academic, a student placement, a short student or consulting assignment, sometimes by collaborative teams of researchers working on a specific project, or with PhD studentships addressing fundamental research challenges. They can grow into framework agreements that employ all of these mechanisms to build connections with the Department across research and teaching.

If you know your area of interest and of a particular academic, then contact them directly. Otherwise, contact Philip Guildford to discuss the different options for collaboration listed in the menu.

Local users can find more information on collaborations here.