Department of Engineering



The 125th anniversary website

As part of the Department's 125th anniversary celebrations in 2000, a website was created to describe its role in the history of Engineering. We hope you enjoy reading about our pioneering work, which has spanned a huge range of fields, including the early days of jet engines and scanning electron microscopes.

Cambridge Engineering The First 150 Years

The book Cambridge Engineering The First 150 Years, published March 2017, takes the reader on a journey that starts with the genesis of engineering as an academic discipline, leads to the creation of the Department in 1875, and looks forward to its plans for the 150th anniversary in 2025. The history is told through the extraordinary lives of engineering leaders, who fought through the initial derision of other disciplines to take the faculty from a workshop in a wooden hut to stand as the largest department in the University.

The narrative comes right up to date with stories from the latest research and its positive impact on the world. The book concludes with the vision for Cambridge Engineering as it moves to its new state-of-the-art home at West Cambridge and takes a global lead in redefining the discipline. Richly illustrated with images from past and present, the book will appeal not only to alumni, but to anyone, old or young, who is ready to explore how engineering has changed the world and dream how it will drive further revolutions.