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Rob Dickinson Siemens Medal winner

Rob Dickinson Siemens Medal winner

Rob Dickinson, now a final year student in the Department of Engineering, received a Siemens medal from Alan Wood, Chief Executive of Siemens plc, at a ceremony held at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, on 5th November 2004.

Rob Dickinson - Siemens Medal winner

Rob Dickinson receives the Sir William Siemens Medal from Alan Wood, CEO of Siemens plc

Rob was nominated for the award in recognition of his excellent project work in the third year combined with his impressive progress in other parts of the Electrical Engineering course.

The Siemens Medal was first inaugurated in 1883; at that time only one was awarded annually. In 1993, it was further extended to fourteen of the leading Universities in the UK, who were invited to nominate students to receive these prestigious awards. This year Siemens plc celebrated the 10th anniversary of the scheme and invited several previous winners to attend the ceremony. The 2 inch bronze medals are struck at the Royal Mint as replicas of the original medal first awarded in 1883, and the award includes a generous cheque.

The Siemens company offers these awards to raise the profile of science and technology, and to encourage students into the profession of electrical and electronic engineering.

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