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Latest news

Cambridge engineers recognised in King's Birthday Honours 2024

17 Jun 2024

Three academics from and affiliated to the Department of Engineering are featured in the King's Birthday Honours 2024.

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Computer-generated image of human brain

Training AI models to answer ‘what if?’ questions could improve medical treatments

13 Jun 2024

Machines can learn to make predictions AND handle causal relationships. Researchers show how this could make medical treatments safer, more efficient, & more personalised.

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The reconstructed historic Venn bowling machine

Blast from the past - Engineers bring historic bowling machine back to life

10 Jun 2024

Engineers have reconstructed a historic bowling machine that bowled out players from the Australian cricket team during a visit to the city more than a hundred years ago.

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Illustration showing part of the back of the human neck, with some of the nervous system visible

Robotic nerve ‘cuffs’ could help treat a range of neurological conditions

05 Jun 2024

Researchers have developed tiny, flexible devices that can wrap around individual nerve fibres without damaging them.

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Left to right: Maxime, Nadeem and Peter

Satellite manufacturer Exobotics founded by three alumni

03 Jun 2024

Late 2018, during their PhDs in the Engineering Department three friends started a satellite manufacturing company called Exobotics. They launched their first satellite in November 2023.

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Imperceptible sensors made from ‘electronic spider silk’ can be printed directly on human skin

30 May 2024

Researchers have developed a method to make adaptive and eco-friendly sensors that can be directly and imperceptibly printed onto a range of biological surfaces, including a human finger.

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EMICAST: Supporting a sustainable maritime future

28 May 2024

With the climate impact of shipping under the spotlight – accounting for around 3% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide – a new start-up aims to visualise shipping emissions.

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Cement recycling method could help solve one of the world’s biggest climate challenges

23 May 2024

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a method to produce very low-emission concrete at scale – an innovation that could be transformative in the transition to net zero.

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Professor George Malliaras and Professor Mihaela van der Schaar

Cambridge engineers among new Fellows announced by the Royal Society

20 May 2024

Professor George Malliaras and Professor Mihaela van der Schaar have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of sciences.

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A headshot of Alex Kendall with his arms folded. Next to him is a wide team shot of Wayve staff standing in front of Wayve cars.

Wayve – a pioneer in embodied AI for autonomous driving – raises $1bn in new funding round

17 May 2024

UK AI company Wayve – co-founded by alumnus Alex Kendall in 2017 while studying for his PhD at Cambridge – has secured more than $1 billion to develop AI for self-driving vehicles.

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