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Latest news

Kasun Kariyawasam

Alumni Profile: Building bridges between researchers and industry

07 Feb 2024

Kasun Kariyawasam talks about how his PhD research and contacts helped him to develop a potentially revolutionary way of monitoring the condition of bridges.

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Machine learning gives users ‘superhuman’ ability to open and control tools in virtual reality

05 Feb 2024

Researchers have developed a virtual reality application where a range of 3D modelling tools can be opened and controlled using just the movement of a user’s hand. 

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Alumni profile: Nick Bailey founder of Boost Bikes

29 Jan 2024

Alumnus, Nick Bailey has recently launched Boost Bikes a new business to convert road bikes to electric bikes. 

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Cambridge engineers at the forefront of research in the race to repair potholes

22 Jan 2024

Engineers working on a £17m 'Digital Roads of the Future' initiative, interviewed by the BBC on how research is helping to automatically detect and tackle potholes on our roads.

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New admissions tests for 2024

19 Jan 2024

The University of Cambridge and Imperial College London are to launch a new joint venture to deliver admissions tests for science, engineering and mathematics-based degree courses.

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Retrieval of a stainless steel part made by 3D printing  Credit: Jude E. Fronda

Using lasers to ‘heat and beat’ 3D-printed steel could help reduce costs

15 Jan 2024

Researchers have developed a new method for 3D printing metal that could help reduce costs and make more efficient use of resources.

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Parth Deshpande – 2023 Helios Prize winner

11 Jan 2024

PhD student Parth Deshpande has been announced the winner of the Department’s 2023 Helios Prize – awarded for research on sustainable energy and/or energy efficiency.

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The quiet AI revolution in weather forecasting

08 Jan 2024

Richard Turner, Professor of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, recently gave a talk discussing the quiet AI revolution that has begun in the field of numerical weather prediction.

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Breaking Barriers: A Journey towards Inclusive Architectural Design

03 Jan 2024

A new study sheds light on the challenges faced by architectural design practitioners in embracing Inclusive Design.

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Cambridge University Help for Ukraine welcomes Professor Andrii Kondratiev and Dr Valentyna Shkuro

21 Dec 2023

Two displaced scholars from Ukraine will continue their research in the Department of Engineering for a second year, as part of the ‘Cambridge University Help for Ukraine’ programme.

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