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Turing lecture

Turing lecture

Professor Mark Welland, Head of the Nanoscale Science Laboratory in the Department of Engineering, is giving this year's highly prestigious Turing lecture for the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE).

Professor Mark Welland

In the lecture titled "Smaller,Faster, Better-but is it nanotechnology?" Professor Welland will take a realistic look at what exactly nanotechnology is, what it tells us about the behaviour of matter on the scale of a few atoms and how might this realistically develop over the next decade.

The Turing Lecture was established in 1998 in honour and recognition of Alan Turing's contribution in the field of computing. It was his outstanding originality and vision that made the computer revolution possible, in work originating in the mid 1930s. Although it is now hard to see what the limits of the computer revolution might eventually be, it was Turing himself who pointed out to us the very existence of such theoretical limitations.

Mark Welland's lecture represents the fourth lecture in the series. All the tickets have now been sold for this lecture which takes place in London on March 5th, but Professor Welland will also be giving a lecture in Cambridge entitled 'The Nanoworld' on Saturday 23rd March for National Science Week, at the Cavendish Laboratory, 2.30pm.

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