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Prof. Roberto Cipolla FREng FRS


Roberto Cipolla

Professor of Information Engineering

Academic Division: Information Engineering

Research group: Machine Intelligence

Telephone: +44 1223 3 32849


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Research interests

Professor Cipolla's research interests are in computer vision and include the reconstruction, registration and recognition of three-dimensional objects from images and their translation into novel commercial products.

3D Shape from Uncalibrated Images

  • Structure and motion from outlines
  • Multiview stereo and photometric stereo
  • Realtime non-rigid photometric stereo from video
  • Single view reconstruction

3D Object Detection, Recognition and Segmentation

  • Semantic segmentation - SegNet
  • Contour-based learning for realtime object detection
  • Video segmentation
  • Face recognition from image sets

Computer Vision for Human-Computer Interaction

  • Hand detection and tracking
  • Human pose detection and tracking
  • Accurate 3D body shape

Visually Guided Robotics

  • Visual relocalisation and navigation
  • Hand-eye coordination and manipulation
  • Self-driving cars - Autonomous Vehicles

Applications of Computer Vision

  • Computer vision and AR on mobile phones
  • Visual inspection in ageing infrastructure
  • Healthcare and E-commerce applications

Teaching activity

  • IB Paper 8: Information Engineering Elective
  • 4F12 Computer Vision
  • IA Software Design Laboratories
  • IB Computing Exercises Laboratories

Other positions

  • Director of Toshiba’s Cambridge Research Laboratory
  • Director of International Summer School on Computer Vision (ICVSS)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS)
  • Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng)
  • Distinguished Fellow of the British Machine Vision Association
  • Fellow (FIET) of the Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Fellow (FIAPR) of the International Association of Pattern Recognition
  • Honorary Professor of the Royal Academy of Art Schools, London


Roberto Cipolla is Professor of Information Engineering (2000). His research interests are in computer vision, machine learning and robotics.