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Dr Somenath Bakshi


Somenath Bakshi

University Associate Professor in Synthetic Biology

Academic Division: Information Engineering

Research group: Control

Telephone: +44 1223 3 32753


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Research interests

  • Engineering and characterising genetic control circuits in bacteria
  • Engineering and characterising therapeutic phage viruses
  • Single-cell analysis of phage infection kinetics in bacteria
  • Single cell analysis of antibiotic persistence and collective tolerance
  • Developing quantitative methods for microbiology: Microscopy, Microfluidics, and Machine-learning

Strategic themes


Systems Microbiology: Analysis of antibiotic tolerance, persistence, and phage infection in bacteria

Synthetic Microbiology: Engineering therapeutic genetic control circuits and bacteriophages to combat antibiotic tolerance

Method Development: Developing Microfluidic and Microscopic methodologies for analysis of genetic circuits and phage infection in bacteria

Smart Microscopy: Developing targeted microscopy solutions (acquisition and analysis) for biological systems and problems


Somenath Bakshi is an Associate Professor interested in quantitative microbiology. He is a single molecule biophysicist by training. He did his PhD in University of Wisconsin Madison under Professor James Weisshaar – developing super-resolution imaging technologies to study central cellular processes in microbes. After finishing his PhD, he moved to Harvard University for his postdoc with Professor Johan Paulsson. During his postdoc Somenath developed high-throughput timelapse imaging technologies of single microbes in controlled complex growth-conditions. Though most of his work has focused on developing methods and approaches to synthetic biology, he remains interested in quantifying the dynamics and control of natural circuits. 

Department role and responsibilities

Lecturer - 3G1: Molecular Bioengineering 

Lab leader - ExA: Bioengineering Extension Activity

Project leader - SG2: Bioreactor Control

Committees: Degree Committee, Bioengineering Steering Committee, Biosafety committee

Supervisor for MEng, MPhil, and PhD students, and PDRAs